Sticker 2I White Swan (it's blue-ish)

Sticker 2I White Swan (it's blue-ish)

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STICKER: white vinyl sticker; semi-gloss, opaque, but if on glass, it can be seen from the other side-has a permanent adhesive

CLEAR GLOSS: shiny, glossy clear sticker; see through-has a permanent adhesive

CLEAR MATTE: see through, but has a matte, etched look-has a permanent adhesive

REMOVABLE: this is a white vinyl with a matte finish and a temporary adhesive so it can be applied to walls or any other surface and will not leave a sticky residue when removed. not intended for outdoors or on anything that will get wet or washed.

BLACKOUT STICKER: white vinyl sticker; matte finish, has a gray adhesive so the image cannot be seen from the other side, good for putting on glass jars, bottles, windows.-has a permanent adhesive

TRANSPARENT GLITTER: see through but a dense silver multi-color glitter base, color printed on it is vibrant but you must be choosy as to what you put it on. A white background looks best and is represented in any photo I post because the paper backing it comes on is white, but the colors of the image will look different depending on what color background you apply the sticker to. The same goes for the two clear stickers up above.-has a permanent adhesive

SPARKLY GLITTER: this is not see through. It is a solid silver holographic on the front and back. The image is printed on the front and the image cannot be seen from the back. It is very shiny, sparkly, and has multi-colored facets in it.-has a permanent adhesive.

WHITE CLING: this is not see through, it will have a white background and outline. It is a shiny/glossy white static cling with the image printed on it. Save the backing as it is not only removable, it is reusable. The surface must be smooth, flat and must be clean.

CLEAR CLING: same as above, only see through.


I digitally print these high quality graphics on a commercial eco-solvent printer so the inks are permanent and waterproof onto vinyl with permanent adhesive so it is perfect for a car window, laptop, mug, or any smooth hard surface. (except for the removable)

It is important to clean your surface with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth and letting it air dry before applying your decal. Also allow your decal to cure for at least 24 hours before handling or getting it wet.

Shipping: I charge $3 for shipping and ship via USPS First Class in a sturdy envelope to the contiguous United States.

THIS IMAGE WAS EITHER PURCHASED FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR CREATED BY MY VINYL CUT, LLC to print on items to sell. Nothing I print was a screen shot or traced. All created in a graphics program and obtained legally.

I do allow commercial use, meaning you can put this on an item and sell the item.