Sticker 7o Yoga Element OHM with Frame CLEARANCE
Sticker 7o Yoga Element OHM with Frame CLEARANCE
Sticker 7o Yoga Element OHM with Frame CLEARANCE
Sticker 7o Yoga Element OHM with Frame CLEARANCE

Sticker 7o Yoga Element OHM with Frame CLEARANCE

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OHM symbol Black Line Drawing with circle frame printed sticker or static cling printed sticker or static cling

Regarding the digital screen shot, It will be printed without the watermark. It is present to prevent theft.

also, The red line will not be printed. It signifies the shape of the sticker. It is my cut line.

It will also have a border around the outside edge in whatever color (clear, white, glitter) media you choose.

This may look like it has glitter, shimmer or metallic but it is only printed with the appearance of glitter, shimmer or metallic. I do not have those inks, There will be no real glitter, shimmer or metallic printed on any media. If you choose the glitter or holo vinyls, those will have glitters, metallics and shimmers

These stickers are approximately 2 x 2 inches. Measurements are approximate.

If you need a custom size or quantity, contact me and I will adjust the custom option to suit you. If you need an exact measurement, please contact me first.


We now offer sample packs of stickers! (none will be a useable sticker). These packs include one sample, an "oopsie" of each type of media in the options list. Just so you can see what they look and feel like. Some will be printed with a bad color, some will have bad cuts through them, some won't be cut at all, and some will have wrinkled laminate. So when I get bad runs, I cut them up and send them as samples so if you wanted to feel how thick the extra thick is or how thin the cast is or what the difference in clear gloss and clear matte is, you will have a chance to see all of them in one pack.

STICKER: white vinyl sticker; semi-gloss, opaque, but if on glass, it can faintly be seen from the other side-has a light gray permanent adhesive. This is laminated with a semi-gloss uv laminate to prevent fading from the sun, provides scratch resistance, and protection from wear. 3 1/2 inches

REMOVABLE: this is a white vinyl with a semi-gloss, opaque finish and a temporary adhesive so it can be applied to walls or any other surface and will not leave a sticky residue when removed. not intended for outdoors or on anything that will get wet or washed. (ink is waterproof, but the adhesive is not) This is NOT laminated 3 1/2 inches

CLEAR MATTE SEE THROUGH: see through, but has a matte, etched look-has a permanent adhesive LOOKS BEST ON A WHITE OR LIGHT BACKGROUND since the ink is translucent. This is laminated with a gloss uv laminate to prevent fading from the sun, provides scratch resistance, and protection from wear. 3 inches

Contact me for BULK pricing or CUSTOM orders.

I digitally print these high quality graphics on a commercial eco-solvent printer so the inks are permanent and waterproof onto vinyl with permanent adhesive so it is perfect for a car window, laptop, mug, or any smooth hard surface. (except for the removable)

It is important to clean your surface with rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth and letting it air dry before applying your decal. Also allow your decal to cure for at least 24 hours before handling or getting it wet.

FOR UNLAMINATED STICKERS/DECALS: MY INK IS WATERPROOF, NOT CHEMICAL PROOF. If you put a solvent on it like cleaning chemicals or epoxy, the ink may run. I am not responsible for user damage or error. (the unlaminated decals are: extra thick sticker, clear cast, clear cling, white cling, poster, waterslide clear, waterslide white, and the htv options.

Shipping: I charge roughly $4 for shipping. It will ship in a rigid mailer via USPS First Class. You can upgrade to Priority Flat Rate if you need it quicker. Just note that packages aren't always scanned and tracking is not always updated. That is not under my control, that is just something I have noticed with the USPS. But they have always arrived. First Class/Ground Advantage shipping is free for orders over $35. When choosing Priority, that is not free.

THIS IMAGE WAS EITHER PURCHASED FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR CREATED BY MY VINYL CUT, LLC to print on items to sell. Nothing I print was a screen shot or traced. All created in a graphics program and obtained legally.

I apologize, but I do not accept returns on any printed product or offer any refunds on printed products or digital downloads. Please make sure you order exactly what you want before making your purchase. Did you make a mistake? Did I make a mistake? It happens, just contact me.

I do allow commercial use on all my images, meaning you can put this on an item and sell the item. I have purchased a license for all of my digital art that allows reselling of hard goods. But it is your responsibility to check the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to make sure the image/saying hasn't been newly registered. I try to keep up but it changes every day.

Color Disclaimer: Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every camera and computer monitor has a different capability to capture and display colors. Everyone sees and perceive color a little differently. We try our best to capture the true color of each item to reflect the product accurately.