Printed Vinyl & HTV Hundred Dollar Bills Cash Money
Printed Vinyl & HTV Hundred Dollar Bills Cash Money
Printed Vinyl & HTV Hundred Dollar Bills Cash Money

Printed Vinyl & HTV Hundred Dollar Bills Cash Money

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This is a 12 inch by 12 inch sheet of patterned printed heat transfer vinyl (htv) or adhesive vinyl.

HTV requires a mask to be applied. You can also use a previously used carrier sheet from another press or purchase this with a sheet of mask. It is reusable for up to a few uses. I have mask listed in a separate listing if you need a full sheet. A starter piece will be included.

Choose between:

  1. Adhesive (Sticker)
  2. Removable Adhesive
  3. HTV
  4. Waterslide Clear
  5. Waterslide White


STICKER: white vinyl sticker; semi-gloss, opaque, but if on glass, it can faintly be seen from the other side-has a light gray permanent adhesive

REMOVABLE: this is a white vinyl with a matte finish and a temporary adhesive so it can be applied to walls or any other surface and will not leave a sticky residue when removed. not intended for outdoors or on anything that will get wet or washed. (ink is waterproof, but the adhesive is not)

HTV: This is for textiles like shirts and bags. This is a smooth heat transfer vinyl and needs to be applied using a heat press. A home iron can be used but it is hard to gauge the temperature and pressure. But if you are used to applying htv with a home iron, then this will work just fine. It is a white opaque htv that I print on. It is "backwards" on the carrier so I can print on the front. The adhesive part is on the back, against the plastic carrier sheet. So your art needs to be front facing or right reading (meaning, do not mirror), then you cut it that way with the pattern face up and then you weed it and then you use a mask (which is pretty much heat resistant transfer tape) to lift off your weeded design and place it onto your shirt then press. A sample piece of heat mask is included, but a full sheet of heat mask is not included in your purchase. You can purchase a separate 12 inch by 12 inch sheet of mask in another listing I have here in my Etsy shop for $3. BUT you can use a clear carrier sheet that you usually throw in the trash (hopefully recycle bin). I have a drawer where I save my sheets so I can use them for printed vinyl. So start saving yours. *cut and press settings are included with your purchase. Printed on Siser ColorPrint Easy.

WATERSLIDE FILM: I print this image on a 12 x 12 inch sheet of waterslide film. You can choose clear or white film. The clear must be applied to a white or light background as the inks are translucent (see through) and the background will show through. The white can be applied to any color, it is opaque (not see through). This is printed using eco-solvent inks so you get the quality of inkjet and the benefit of waterproof, permanent ink. So no spray sealing is necessary.

This is high quality graphics printed using a commercial printer using eco-solvent inks.

Your 12 inch by 12 inch sheet will ship flat in a sturdy envelope via USPS First Class. Included will be instructions for cutting and pressing.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will include cut settings for several cutting machines including
Brother Scan n Cut
Silhouette Cameo
GCC iCraft
there are also videos on YouTube to show how to apply these.

When cutting printed material, do not mirror
Use mask or transfer tape to lift design off carrier
for htv: place on shirt and use heat press or home iron to apply
for adhesive, place on hard smooth surface (clean with alcohol and let air dry first)
save your mask/transfer tape to reuse

*for all vinyl, please allow for a 1/4" variance

Copy and paste this link in a new window in your browser that takes you to my video on YouTube showing you how to apply mask to your printed htv.

I apologize, but I do not accept returns on any printed product or offer any refunds on printed products or digital downloads. Please make sure you order exactly what you want before making your purchase. Did you make a mistake? Did I make a mistake? It happens, just contact me.