HTV Transfer 17K Camping Girl Classy Sassy Turquoise

HTV Transfer 17K Camping Girl Classy Sassy Turquoise

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HEAT MASK IS NEEDED TO TRANSFER YOUR PRINTED DESIGN FROM ITS CARRIER ONTO YOUR GARMENT AND NEEDS TO STAY THERE WHILE YOU PRESS IT. IT IS SOLD SEPARATELY. You can use a clear carrier from a previous regular htv press if you save them. They are reusable. If you purchase the mask with the transfer, you will receive one piece the size of the transfer. I do have full 12 x 12 and 12 x 18" sheets listed for sale in a separate listing. But if you choose just the transfer, you will not receive the heat mask. You cannot use transfer tape. THE GLITTER REQUIRES HIGH TACK HEAT MASK.

I design and print heat transfer vinyl transfers, send to you and you press at home onto your shirts with your heat press or home iron.

This is for ONE (1) transfer.

there are lines and my watermark in the listing photo so no one can copy my image but these will not be present when I print and send to you. They are present to prevent theft. Also the red line will not be printed. It signifies the shape of the transfer. It is my cut line.

Pressing instructions will be included.

Make sure your press has the correct temperature. You may want to buy/use a laser heat reader to check. Presses may be calibrated differently and the cheaper presses may not maintain the correct temperature.

Make sure you lint roll your shirt before pressing, also pre press for 10 seconds.

I would practice on one shirt first to make sure you get all your settings correct before you press a bunch of shirts.

This will be printed on either Stahls' Express Print, Stahls' GlitterFlake, Specialty Materials ColorPrint or Siser ColorPrint Easy printable heat transfer vinyl on a Roland commercial printer using eco-solvent inks that are waterproof and durable. It will have a white outline around it. INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INCLUDED FOR THE PARTICULAR MEDIA IT WAS PRINTED ON.

You can press the htv (smooth or glitter) onto a shirt or bag or pillow (cotton, polyester or a blend fabric) with your home iron.

Copy and paste this link in a new window in your browser that takes you to my video on YouTube showing you how to apply mask to your printed htv.