Waterslide Sheet Zombies 12 x 12 inch sheet
Waterslide Sheet Zombies 12 x 12 inch sheet

Waterslide Sheet Zombies 12 x 12 inch sheet

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This is for a full 12 x 12" sheet of the image shown.

I print this on special waterslide paper using waterproof ink and send to you. THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE SPRAY SEALED. Instructions included. ($15.06)


Clear: looks best on white or light background since ink is translucent

White: needs to be trimmed around the image to remove the white background (not great for images with a lot of detail but can be used on dark cups) But can be used on white cups.

Just cut away the image, trim around close and soak in water until the paper backing is saturated, then place the image on your surface and slide away the paper backing.

Either bake, if on glass or ceramic or cover with epoxy. Printed instructions will be included with your order.

These are various sizes, the tallest no taller than 3 1/2 inches tall and no wider than 4 inches.

They will arrive in a sturdy envelope with instructions.

They will be printed without the watermark. The watermark is present to prevent theft.

I only print high resolution images that have been created by or legally obtained by My Vinyl Cut, LLC

I do allow commercial use, meaning you can put this on an item and sell the item.