Printed Vinyl

printed patterned vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl

Premium printable pressure-sensitive vinyl.

3.5 mil White calendered vinyl

Excellent full color

Ideal for flat surfaces and simple curves

Use for window/car decals, promotional signs, banners, and more

Perfect for indoor or outdoor applications - outdoor durability up to 5 years

6" x 6" $2.00

12" x 12" $5.00

12" x 24" $8.00

Transparent Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

Transparent Glitter Film can be easily cut and applied allowing you to turn a flat or slightly curved glass into a work of art. You can add sparkling color and privacy, creating an entirely new environment of light, space and visual effects. This film is especially useful for glassware as it gives you a vibrant color on the outside and a silvery color from the inside.

6" x 6" $4.00

12" x 12" $6.00

12" x 24" $10.00

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Great for cotton T-shirts & sweatshirts.

Ideal for customizing T-shirts, hoodies, and more

Cuts and weeds easily

Thin and lightweight

Semi-matte finish

For light or dark-colored fabrics

6" x 6" $4.00

12" x 12" $7.00

12" x 24" $12.00

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Create full color logos in glitter!

This Glitter is ideal for decorating fashion, cheer, and fan wear. 

The glitter/shimmer finish provides a unique look that sells.

Thickness: 392 microns (.392 mm)

Washability: 50

6" x 6" $6.00

12" x 12" $8.00

12" x 24" $14.00