Sublimation Transfer Buddy the Elf Santa

Sublimation Transfer Buddy the Elf Santa

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I design and print sublimated transfers, send to you and you press at home onto your shirts with your heat press (will not work with home iron or a Cricut press-a heat press is needed).

This is for ONE (1) transfer. It will come to you on a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.

Also for your shirts:

You press it on your shirt. Shirt must be at least 50% polyester and white or light in color.

It is ideal to have a shirt that is 100% poly, so the more poly content, the brighter the color will be. I really wouldn't go under 50% (shirt in pic is 50%)
It is also ideal to have a white shirt. The lighter the shirt, the brighter the color will be. (shirt in pic is a heather white-a light gray).

A heat press must be used. You will not get enough heat or pressure with a home iron or a Cricut press.
Heat press stats:

400 for 60 sec. is the recommended time and temp, but I usually press at 380-390 for 45-50 sec depending on the material. Colored shirts need to be pressed on the lower side. (if your shirt is a tri-blend with any rayon it it, I would lower the time/temp just a bit). IF YOU ARE NEW AT THIS, PRACTICE FIRST-MAYBE ON SCRAP MATERIAL. I will put a small design on the paper for you to cut off and use for practice before using a good shirt.

If you are experienced and already have your time/temp/pressure formula set, then USE YOUR REGULAR FORMULA.
I use Beaver TexPrint-R paper from a Sawgrass printer with SubliJet inks.

Make sure your press has the correct temperature. You may want to buy/use a laser heat reader to check. Presses may be calibrated differently and the cheaper presses may not maintain the correct temperature.

Butcher paper from a deli dept is recommended to put over the shirt, and it should cover the entire shirt hanging off the edges of the press. This way your press will not get any ink on it which can transfer over to other shirts.
Do not use your teflon sheet as it may get ink on it as well and it is a heat conductor and may disrupt your temperature.

light to medium pressure-too much pressure will give you press marks. I use a pressing pillow.

Make sure you lint roll your shirt before pressing, also pre press for 10 seconds.

I would practice on one shirt first to make sure you get all your settings correct before you press a bunch of shirts.

1) Cover the bottom press platen with a protective paper (butcher paper from the meat department of a grocery store) sheet to prevent bleed from image and/or shirt dyes.

2) Place the shirt, imaging side face up, on the protective paper and lint roll the entire area that will come into contact by the press.

3) Place a piece of protective paper between the layers of the fabric to prevent the image bleeding through to the other side.

4) Lightly mist transfer with DyeTrans Pro Spray or use heat tape. (to keep the transfer in place)

5) Place the transfer on the fabric, smooth wrinkles.

6) Cover with protective paper. This paper must cover the entire area of the material that comes into contact with the heat platen. do not use your teflon sheet as ink may transfer to it and it can transfer to other shirts.

7) Press with Temp/Time/Pressure settings listed above.

*NOTE: I use a Sawgrass printer, Sublijet inks and TexPrint-R paper