Working a Craft Fair? Here's what you need...

Items needed for a craft fair if you work with vinyl:


10 x 10 ft white tent

rain sides

2 6ft tables

2 fitted table cloths

1 chair



heat press

all power cords

extension cord

power strip

cutting mat

work mat

straight edge

razor knife


adhesive vinyl, stored in plastic bin

transfer tape

htv, stored in plastic bin

heat mask, if working with printed htv

weeding pick tool

weeding tweezers

phone, charging cord

payment device (separate from your phone, is what I prefer)

charger for the payment device (paypal, square, eg)

clipboard, order forms, pen, pencil, scrap paper

book with ready to press designs

book with font choices, monogram choices

business cards

blank shirts, stored in plastic bins

t shirt rack for blank t shirtsready to sell shirts, showing examples of colors, textures, styles

swatches for more vinyl choices

blank cups, ready for personalization

retail bags

care instruction cards

ready to sell decals

display for decals

t shirt rack for blank t shirts

signage for tables

banner with logo, website, phone number

healthy snacks, (nuts, seeds, fruit, water)

Square to take payments:

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