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As soon as I got my craft cutter plugged in and loaded with vinyl, I immediately started typing out names to label all of my kitchen jars, "sugar", "coffee"...I even typed all of our names to label silly things like the mirror, school folders (made out of paper)! I was a labeling fool!
I quickly realized that the system fonts on my computer weren't cute enough so I wanted to find a reputable place to get fonts. (I didn't want a virus from a free place that has pirated copies of original fonts). Then I wanted svg files (or dxf if you have the basic version of Silhouette Studio Design Software) for cutting designs and even nice colorful PNGs that I can print and cut once I learned that feature.
I found the mother load of digital files at The Hungry JPEG!
Click on or copy and paste the link above, it is my affiliate link that takes you straight to the latest bundle, which is the way to go, it saves you the most money and gives you a mix of fonts and graphics sometimes-it always changes. There is a new one each month and they always have something different and awesome inside them!
Take your design to a new level whether you are creating an invitation to print, stickers to print and cut, a t shirt design for yourself, friends, family for gifts or even to sell if you started your own home based business. Go from simple text to decorative text to text with a pattern. Get everything you need for your designs at The Hungry JPEG.
See the difference a display font can make? And to add the texture, just purchase it, drag it into your patterns and then select the text and then choose the glitter texture from your patterns panel.
You can even go one step further and add a cute little graphic. It can be a line drawing, a colored vector or even a watercolor png picture of something festive and theme related. You can find all of that at The Hungry JPEG. You will need to check with your software's requirements to see what type of files are able to be imported into your software design program before you start trying to import files. But if you have the Business Edition of Silhouette Studio Design Software, you are able to import a number of files, .svg, .dxf, .ai, .jpg (or .jpeg), .png, .eps.
Here is an example of a finished project:
*disclosure, some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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